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so slip, i stumble. fumble with the
doorknob and your key falls with me
im falling into - there you are

                                    i see you in

these ports and the sea foam shades
of the fog that parts at dawn the day
before i find myself - here you are

i want to be left alone but -  

it was the taste, salty and too sweet
it was too much and my tongue
is not appeasing or the tricks
that tease -

come close. still this one last time
there’s something underneath your
skin steady i want


you - to see, how i memorize you
in every gasp that splits the air around
us and when you cum - crashing down
into me

do you feel the lights close
and the heat that shows in the
flush that finds your skin

and the cold sweat that comes
with this circle of sin. you melt me
once - twice
                                        - more

it is enough - i swallow your breaths
and my nerve. the words leave a
hunger in my teeth
an ache in my chest.

on my way
away from your apartment
i shiver for lack of the warmth
that sleeps alone on an old box
mattress i shared moments before

cold winds along the lane to the port
late rains, tonight i take the coast,

away from you
away from this

and will arrive on an isle.
among men - where i feel
most alone.
somewhere between, aching to feel me ache
inside you - against the wall to the left,
and watching me - watch you - want me

all over again : a second coming,

there was something sacred - divine even
in the way of watching the whimpers ripple
up from your throat, opened.
               over and over
running your tongue - eager.
drips, off and onto parted lips. a prayer
for relief sent aloft - rescinded. listen

sinner -

no offense was ever pardoned with prayer.
never a saint, saved without a sacrifice.
there are no such things as martyrs among

                 the living.
Selfless Self Destruction
written somewhere between sb salvation and sb stasis aka old. but stripped of ocean imagery in favor of this
because you get tired of writing about the ocean when you see it in your inbox. destined for scraps kiddos

on a count of old words.
and a piss plain title.

start the countdown.


United Kingdom

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